Clothing Retailer Shatters CTR Goals


A retailer wanted to use both video and display advertising to target male and female shoppers interested in clothing and shoes. They enlisted the help of our team to more precisely target their audience, improve overall advertising performance and achieve a .1% CTR.


Our team developed a comprehensive strategy of category contextual targeting, keyword search retargeting, site retargeting, mobile geo optimization and Facebook Newsfeed. The campaign featured a blend of display and video creative to maintain consistent branding but also promote special collections, seasonal changes and promotions. Our team continually optimized the campaign after launch by fine-tuning keywords, categories, filtering domains, adjusting frequency capping and shifting budgets to the highest performing tactics.


Over the year-long campaign, our team was able to deliver a CTR Of .24%. Greatly exceeding the initial goal of .1% CTR. Additionally, the video creative experienced a successful completion rate of 72%.