Our Google Adwords Management Service Can Manage Any Budget Size

Our team has worked on $1,000,000/month+ as well as $500/month.   Our process for developing effective campaigns does not change no matter what your budget.  Here are the areas of the PPC Management Process we focus on:

  • In-Depth Keyword Analysis
  • Ad & Message Creation
  • Landing Page Audit & Review
  • Account Structure Setup
  • Tracking Installing & Testing
  • Campaign Launch
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Campaign Optimizations

Every month we monitor winners and losers and modify budgets to drive up ROI.


A Google Adwords Consultant That Captures More Leads for Less $$

When consumers are searching for products or services that you offer, it’s important that you can be easily found in search results, and Google Ads are a great way to ensure that. But it’s way too easy to waste money in this space by not properly optimizing keyword selections and measuring results only on the number of clicks.

Nothing is better to companies than reaching customers already searching for you.  Google Adwords  provides that world of searchers actively looking for your product or service.   But here’s the question, what will you say when you show up?  That’s where our experience comes in.

We understand how to build PPC campaigns based in knowing the brand, how your audience connects with your brand, and why the keywords and Ads formulated will most likely translate into clicks and conversions.


  • Highly targeted to reach consumers actively looking for specific products or services
  • Transparent detailed conversion tracking through your Google Analytics account
  • Each campaign is tailored to maximize the goals most valued by you
  • Improve your website or landing page lead capture abilities
  • Custom reporting dashboard to track orders, leads, forms, phone calls, etc.
  • Certified Google specialists build out and manage your campaign
  • Call tracking & recording

66% of shoppers prefer online shopping over shopping offline

Why Partner with Our Pay Per Click Advertising Management Company?

  • Larger Firms Don’t Give You Proper Attention – No client is too small to get the attention you deserve.  From communications, to reporting and proactive recommendations, you’ll see our commitment to you from day one.
  • Analytics – In our care for your ROI, we provide monthly analytics reports so you hold our team accountable, and we hold ourselves accountable.
  • Nimble & Fast – No more waiting 5 days for changes, because every day matters.  Plus, we can get a campaign live in within the first week of our engagement.
  • Consistency – This is the major cause of attrition in Paid Search management campaigns.  Our team will constantly monitor & optimize your campaigns and proactively find opportunities to grow your profits.
  • Strategists…Not Doers – We act as google adwords consultants that can create the best performing campaigns.  We’re not simply relying on you.  We expect you to rely on us.


PPC Account Restructures & Audits

We have years of experience with auditing and building paid search campaigns that are set up for success. We put your account through an in-depth inspection to compare the following vs. best practices:

  • Campaign Settings
  • Campaign Structure
  • Ad Group Structure
  • Keyword Coverage
  • Ad Copy Relevance
  • URL Settings
  • Quality Score
  • Landing Page Recommendations

We then provide recommendations to help maximize your advertising spend.