Your services, both print and now, the digital aspect, have become a vital part of our strategic marketing plan. We have been extremely satisfied with the results your company has generated. Our brand awareness has increased dramatically in our primary and secondary target markets.

We don’t give praise unless it is earned.. you personally have earned it but, I need to also mention your support staff -we appreciate your staff’s layout and photoshopping abilities to take a “marginal” image that we supply and turn it into a compelling photo in an appealing ad.

I look forward to a long relationship with your company.

John Applegate
Alta Products, LLC

I began working with ES Group Marketing about 2 years ago. Initially we were looking only to advertise in their publication but thanks to their amazing service and quality ES Group Marketing now functions as our PR firm.
This wonderful company has spent countless hours working with us to understand our business and our diverse clientele. That understanding translated to an arrow sharp marketing campaign with heavy utilization of “geo-fencing”. We will now be able to “attend” dozens of trade shows for what was the cost of one show. ES Group Marketing assisted us to develop a marketing campaign that will hit over 2 million targeted potential customers for HALF of what we spent in 2017 on all of our marketing combined!
Beyond that they are assisting us with the efficient use of Google, are helping us to keep our website at the top of the search engines.
If you are looking to grow your business in the most efficient and economical way, if your goal is to reach every potential customer out there than working with ES Group Marketing will provide you with everything you desire and some things you haven’t thought of.

Marie-Louise Burkle
Autac USA

First State Bank/Town & Country Insurance began working with ES Group Marketing in March of 2019 after a staff member referred them to us. They met with our team on two separate occasions and explained to us how digital marketing worked. We have since been very pleased with the service they provide!
They provided up-front pricing on several different package options. That is the price we pay, no hidden fees or extras!
They promised results. We got results!
They promised to be available and communicate throughout the process.
We receive monthly reports showing real results.
They are available to work with us one on one and answer any questions that we might have.
They provide expert recommendations based on our campaign performance.
I would recommend ES Group Marketing to anyone looking for an honest and reliable digital marketing service.

Kim Peck
First State Bank

ES Group Marketing have been GREAT to work with. I have done geo targeting with google ad words, Geo targeting with Facebook advertising, Trade show digital micro geo targeting & app beacons. Using all the methods available at that time. All the methods I have used work and have ways to measure results with some calls to action.
On all of these methods we talked to a sales person explained what we wanted to target, pray they got it correct and look at reports after the fact.
ES Group Marketing didn’t tell me what they were going to do and they included me in the process. They explained all of the tools in her tool box and how they work. They helped me find a way to stay within my budget and what methods would get the best results. My measurable result is the number of people we deliver advertising to that actually go to the dealership we are advertising for.
The ES Group Marketing team helps monitor the results and recommends adjustments to improve performance for my dealers.
In the end this makes me look good to our dealers and lets them know we are doing everything we can to deliver success for their dollars spent. ES Group Marketing doesn’t just sell you deliverable impressions, they care if you get the results you need to justify the cost of this type of marketing.
I would recommend ES Group Marketing to anyone that’s not my direct competitor, they are the real deal!

Warren Evans, Marketing Mgr

Thrilled to have ES Group on our team! Thanks to their knowledge and patience, we have successfully implemented digital marketing techniques that are producing results…the phone is ringing!

Trena Corcoran
Advantech Bakery

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