ES Group Marketing has been providing marketing solutions since 2003. In this fast-paced, ever changing marketing world we adapt and thrive to continuously offer the most innovative solutions for our customers. We offer many marketing opportunities to reach qualified buyers.

ES Group Marketing is a hard-working group of people passionate about connecting prospects to YOUR business. We are focused on conversions and not just clicks. At ES Group Marketing we strive to build trustworthy relationships with each and every client. We keep it simple by doing the work and clearly communicating our process to clients. Accountability and results are our mission.

ES Group is an advertising agency with a focus on your end goals. Our commitment to success is based on our generating transparent actions or goals for our partners and our clients. 

With a full suite of digital, video and audio solutions to help maximize your campaigns,
ES Group positions itself as a single source agency and platform for your marketing needs. 

Our job is designed to make your job easier. Delivering results that matter to you and your company in a way that is simple and straightforward to understand 

What makes us who we are and why

With access to multiple platforms our team’s exceptional experience allows us to place your marketing budget into the best platforms and products to generate two tier results for you to communicate back to your team.

How do we do this? 

We make the process simple from the beginning. With off the charts experience analyzing Google Analytics, Tag Manager and more. We take the guessing game and frankly the work off of your hands into ours. Using platforms that include Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, 12 different DSP’s, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora to just name a few, we have removed the barrier created by too many options and simplified the process by working with us. It is no longer confusing… you place the order, we choose the best platforms and deliver you the results that your Company expects. It is that simple.

Managing Partner – Steve McClintock
Marketing Consultants – Barbara Crawford, Theresa McClintock
Operations – Lisa Meyer, Annie Canning

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