With the ever growing segments of “cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers”, placement on streaming video platforms is more important than ever. Our Over The Top (OTT)/Connected TV (CTV) solution combines the impact of traditional TV advertising with the precision of digital to reach consumers that are difficult or impossible to reach with cable or broadcast. Powered by three distinct methods of audience targeting, getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time has never been more effective. 

Unmatched audience targeting paired with the ability to target both the big screen (using devices from Apple, Amazon, Google, a host of Smart TVs and more) and small screens (PCs, phones and tablets), OTT/CTV with us is the most effective and impactful way to deliver video creative to a specific audience.


  • Ability to target at screen size.
  • Vast, accurate reach.
  • Unmatched scalability of audience targeting.
  • Non-skippable, immersive content format that allows you to engage with a unique audience that is committed to the content they are consuming.
  • Reach a unique group of video consumers that you can’t target with traditional TV commercials.
  • Serve video ads pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll within streamed content on the big screen and other connected devices.
  • Access to inventory for both short- and long-form content on the big screen and other connected devices.
  • Combine the impact of TV with the precision of digital.

Audience Targeting Methods


Target physical addresses using GPS data to serve OTT/CTV ads with unmatched precision and scale. Provide your own address list or let us curate one based on demographic, financial status, interests and more (see Addressable Geo-fencing).


Bring the precision of digital targeting to OTT/CTV with the ability to target users based on keywords, context, and other online behaviors. 


Take advantage of numerous combinations of demographic variables to target your ideal audience.

These would be video ads that run during streaming TV shows on smart TVs, connected devices such as  Roku, Samsung TV, Pluto TV, Apple TV, etc. and on many tablet and phone apps.  They can also be displayed on publishers like CBS All Access and DirecTV Now just to name a few.  The TV shows they will appear on will be based on what shows the targeted audience are watching. 

Streaming Platforms

  • Pluto
  • Newsy
  • Discovery
  • History
  • HGTV
  • TLC A&E
  • Fox News
  • CDBs
  • Univision
  • Cheddar TV
  • Buzzfeed
  • Popcornflix
  • USA Network
  • Fox News
  • CNN Go
  • Xumo
  • LifeTime
  • Travel Channel
  • NBC
  • Today
  • Daily Motion