With consumers spending a great deal of time on social media platforms, having a smart social marketing plan is critical to any business.

Advertising on social platforms provides a great way to invite consumers to learn more about your brand, products or services in a highly engaging format using photography, product galleries and video.      

Because you have their attention, often when they have more time on their hands, social media advertising is highly effective for introducing consumers to a product or service for the first time or allowing them to explore features and benefits of a product or service in which they’ve already shown interest. Additionally we have the ability to generate leads or online sales directly from the ads.

Facebook/Instagram Advertising Is Becoming As Powerful As Search

Facebook & Instagram have over 1.8 billion users that spend on average 1 – 2 hours a day on their platforms. And the granular nature of user data allows us to find and target audiences that are likely to be your ideal client base.  Below is a sample of the targeting capabilities available via Facebook/Instagram:

  • Age & Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Buying Activity
  • Health Conditions
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Age of Children
  • Interests

We offer:

  • Campaign execution and support across major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and other niche networks when applicable.
  • Consumer targeting based on demographics, geography, interests and behaviors.
  • The ability to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences from email lists.
  • Automatic product carousel feeds and shopping ads (for an additional fee)
  • Ability to target specific locations competitors and more with our advance targeting solution that can target down to the meter of a desired location
  • Thorough reporting and analytics to fuel cross-platform optimization.

There are several different types of campaigns you can run on both FB and Instagram depending on your goal.

Lead Campaign: focuses on generating leads. The campaign will involve a form where emails are requested from users to help build out a CRM list

Engagement Campaign: generate engagement on either your FB page, FB posts, Instagram posts, etc. The KPI for this type of campaign would be a lift in likes, comments or shares and in turn an increase in brand awareness.

Traffic Campaign:Target prospective customers and get your brand in front of as many fresh, new eyes in your target area as possible

Remarketing Campaign: targeting users who already have shown an interest in your business

E-Commerce: Use FaceBook and Insta shopping platforms to expands sales on your e-commerce website