Geofencing Marketing Helps Local Bank Drive New Mortgage Applicants


A local bank was working to find other advertising solutions that would help increase general awareness of their local bank branches as well as provide additional support to their other advertising channels they were leveraging.  After learning more about geo fence advertising, they decided to move forward with a campaign.


Our team at ES Group Marketing developed a strategy that allowed our team to help the local bank focus on their core products including mortgage loans, credit cards, savings products and car loans.  Our team built a comprehensive game plan geo fencing new real estate developments, competitor banks and new car dealerships.  As a means to measure success, we leverage our conversion zone tracking technology to determine how many walk-ins were driven as a result of the geo fencing advertising.


Over the course of four (4) months, we produced the following results:

3,350,000 impressions and ads delivered to banking customers.

Over 4,600 clicks to the client’s website yielding a respectable 0.13% click through rate (CTR).

Over 3,000 physical walk-ins to their store locations from the same people who saw or clicked on their ads.

The client continues to renew varying campaigns with our agency deploying geo fence marketing across more of their bank branches and corporate office.