Personal Injury Law Firm Sees Increase In Cases


This personal injury law firm has been used to the traditional advertising methods of billboards, radio and TV advertising. They continued to do work in Paid Search but wanted a more advanced solution that allowed them to get their brand directly in front of accident victims and people who were most likely to be in need of a personal injury attorney. After performing some research on the web they learned about geo fencing and our geofencing technology for law firms.


The client was mainly interested in geo fencing hospitals, urgent care facilities and places where accident victims frequented.  We also built a search retargeting campaign where we targeted keywords such as “personal injury lawyers” and “truck accident attorneys” to get them exposure from people who actively search for these keywords around the web. Finally, in our effort to measure our results, we utilized our conversion zone technology to track the number of people who saw or clicked on the client’s ads and ultimately came back to the client’s law office for a meeting.


The law practice saw 62,000 impressions, 103 clicks and 0.17% click through rate. Well above the industry average of 0.10%.  What’s more powerful, our reporting showed there were 37 new and repeat visits they received from accident victims who saw their ads while on their mobile devices at hospitals, ER centers and urgency care facilities.  In addition, we were able to show the law firm that while their natural foot traffic to their law firm was 0.78% of people who DID NOT see their ads and came back to their law offices, while 1.45% of people who did see their ads would come to their law offices. An 86% lift in foot traffic.

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