New Home Builder Drives In Person Visits With ES Group Marketing


A home developer was looking to drive potential buyers to visit new homes. They enlisted the help of our team to run a mobile advertising campaign utilizing geo fencing technology with conversion zone technology and other programmatic tactics. The goal was to more precisely reach their target audience and track online-to-offline conversions while achieving a .1% CTR.


The team developed a comprehensive strategy of search retargeting, site retargeting, mobile geo optimization and geo fencing with conversion zones. Our team built geo fences around home improvement stores with conversion zones around each of the new home developments. Additionally, the campaign utilized event targeting to reach users who attended a new home development area open house. After launch, our team made optimizations to improve campaign performance including blacklisting domains and updating the frequency cap to ensure proper delivery.


Over the two-month campaign duration our team delivered 49 geo fence conversions, measuring the number of users who entered a targeting zone and then visited a new home development. Additionally, the campaign exceeded the performance goal with a CTR of .1%.

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