Farm Equipment Supplier Grows CTR With Our Team


A farm equipment supplier was looking to target individuals looking to purchase agricultural and farming supplies. The advertiser enlisted the help of our team to utilize new geo fencing technology and several other programmatic advertising tactics with the goal of achieving the industry average CTR of .08-1%.


The team developed a comprehensive strategy of geo fencing, site retargeting, search retargeting, contextual targeting and mobile geo optimization. The advertiser identified key locations to reach their target audience, focusing on other nearby farm supply stores. Our team built geo fences around each location. After campaign launch, our team worked to further optimize the campaign to maximize CTR. These included adding new keywords, adjusting the frequency cap and implementing day parting.


To date, our team has been able to deliver a .12% CTR, exceeding the client’s initial goal. The recent addition of new keywords has driven greater success as the campaign experienced a .19% CTR. Our team will continue to make optimizations to maximize performance over the duration of the campaign.

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