According to Hulu- their ad selector is 150% more effective than regular TV ads at developing recall and 24% at creating an intent to purchase in viewers.

This means that advertisers get fewer eyes on an ad (less impressions served) but the audience is more niche.  Those who see the ads are more likely to resonate with the ad and find it useful.   

Ability to run interactive and local ads to a niche target audience using Nielson DMA data. 

Advertisements on Hulu run through both the programmatic space as well as private marketplace and through an invite only auction.  Invite only auctions are premium inventory on Hulu. 

Targeting on Hulu

Interests and Behaviors

Target based on interests and real world actions- both on and off Hulu


Reach Hulu viewers based on age, gender, and more.

Custom Audiences

Create audiences based on CRM data or use 3rd party data segments to find them based on real world behaviors.


As broad or as specific as your campaigns needs- target from the state to the zip code level.

Getting Data to Hulu

Whether you have access to your customer data or not, you can leverage data to power your ad buy.

Your Audience Expanded

With nearly 85% of your viewers being Light TV viewers, Hulu‘s digitally-native audience is becoming increasingly difficult to reach through traditional marketing channels. A buy on Hulu delivers incremental reach to your TV campaign.

  • Audience CRM Matching
  • Look-a-like Audience
  • Behavioral Segments